Sunday, November 30, 2014

Mockingjay Part 1


I saw Mockingjay Part 1 and I was like, "Mockingheeeeeeeeeey!"

It was amazing.

My mind is spinning (can a mind spin?) and I can't decide what to comment on first. I think I'll just wing it (what does that even mean?!).

My favorite character in the movie was Crookshanks! Wait, what? That wasn't Crookshanks? OH. So I don't really like the cat. I didn't say I don't like all cats! Lower your wands, cat people. I just don't like the cat in this series. It doesn't event talk.

Okay, that scene where the dudes are walking in the forest and the guy whistles then they all start running, ya know that one? Stupid. If there are thirty guys walking together and there are only ten guys walking behind them, then I'd say just turn around and attack. But, no! Instead, lets run ahead where we become easy targets, then lets climb trees like we're freaking Twilight vampires, and then blow up the bad guys. But not before they mow down 80% of us with machine guns! And what if they would have shot the guy that had the detonator?!


When President Snow totally played Katniss. This was River when he realized that Snow knew that the rebels were making a rescue attempt.

When Peeta went apeshit on Katniss. This was River during that scene. He was so shocked that the popcorn fell out of his mouth. It shocked me, too. I wet my pants.

When Katniss sang. That whole scene was superb.

When Katniss shot down the jet thing with her bow and arrow.

The vulnerability of Gale. His character developing into so much more.

The complexity of Finnick.

How amazing Donald Sutherland is as President Snow (am I right?!)

When Katniss didn't shoot the buck.

When Katniss failed miserably at filming the Mockingjay video. Too funny.

When Katniss shot the real, live version Mockingjay video.

When Katniss was supposed to talk about how the Capitol blew up her district, but Gale beat her to it.

Katniss. No particular scene. She's by far one of YA's best characters. And not because she's a kick-ass girl. Because every time she cries, I feel like I'm gonna cry. And when she hurts, I hurt. And when she's pissed, I'm ready to follow her to the fight!

One of the reasons we like Katniss so much is because we get to see a powerful character in helpless situations.

She can't stop the suffering. She wants to so badly, but she can't. And even better, her actions are often the cause of the suffering.

She's stuck below ground with no other options while bombs drop above her.

She knows that Gale and Peeta are in danger and there's NOTHING she can do about it.

The whole series is just so damn good. People were even sitting near me in the theater, which I hate more than getting to Chipotle five minutes after it closed, and it didn't even bother me! I was too IN to the movie.

Happy Thanksgiving! I'm thankful for you.