Monday, July 1, 2013

I read The Selection by Kiera Cass, then I questioned life.

Every Friday, I take my kids out to eat to a local sandwich shop. They look forward to it all week. They think we go there because it's SO GOOD, but the real reason for going there is because it's a few steps away from BAM (Books-a-Million).

We eat, then we go to BAM. The kids run around, play hide-and-seek, fight with light sabers, try on the Sorting Hat, beg for Minecraft stuff, and sometimes they even look at books. I don't really care what they do, as long I can have a few minutes of "alone time" in the YA section.

In the early days of reading YA, I was nervous to be in that section with all the teenage girls eyeing me suspiciously, but now it ain't no thang, yo.

I still don't talk to anyone. I can't bring myself to be the creepy dude that talks to teenage girls in "their" section of the store. Every time I'm there I see a young lady reading the back cover of a book I've read and I want to say, "I read that!" But I don't. Oh, well.

So the other day I went to buy a particular book two that had just come out, but it wasn't there. So I scanned the shelves, and with all the recommendations I had swirling in my brain, I picked The Selection. It had been recommended to me by a particular young lady on Twitter that I really like. She has a great blog, she's super intelligent, and she's from Wisconsin!

Now that I've read the book...I'm going to have words with her.

The cover of The Selection is kinda nice. I don't like covers with actual pictures of humans on them, but this one works. It is, though, extremely girly. No worries. I'm man enough to buy it, yo.

This story did NOT work out for me. I could go on and on about how boring it was, but there was something else that threw me...something I honestly hadn't experienced in reading YA up to this point.

I hated the main character.

She was such a...UGH!

So you know the story, right? It's like a weird teenage version of The Bachelor, and the prize is getting to marry the prince.

America, the main character I dislike so much, had her issues with the contest. She obviously didn't agree with the prince finding a wife this way, but you know...she entered anyways. THEN, when she meets the super nice, super cool, super understanding prince, she treats him like crap. THEN, he let's it all go and wants to be friends with her. THEN she's still a jerk.

I don't know, ya'll. Even if America had been interesting, there still wasn't much happening. I was mostly just glad to get it over with.

In all fairness to the author, the writing was very good. This is the type of book that I can say just "isn't for me." I know a lot of peeps like it, and that's cool. We all like different stuff for different reasons. I wish continued success to the author and to the series!

I give The Selection 2 out of 5 UGH!!!!s


  1. Seriously, you bought The Selection instead of SIEGE AND STORM?! You make poor life choices. Thank god you realized that after reading this book. I had so many issues with this book, but like reality TV, it entertained me. I only really started to hate America in The Elite, so... maybe you should skip that one.

    1. I second this - you bought The Selection instead of Siege and Storm? You are indeed missing out.

    2. They didn't have Siege and Storm! I looked. *cries

  2. LOL. Great review, yo. I suspected this book would irritate me, as well, and have skipped it. No regrets!

  3. I would have totally talked to you in the YA section.

    I get the same urge sometimes, to talk to the girl standing next to me about how I love the book she is looking at, and how I want her to buy it. I've had some good conversations when I chose to go with the urge to say something, including getting book recommendations from others.

    There is one tiny little factor on my side that makes this process slightly less intimidating for me; I've been told I could still pass for a teenage girl. So...sorry you can't morph into a teenage girl while you shop for books.

    1. Yeah, little different situation for me. :)

  4. I apologize for being that amazing girl from Wisconsin that recommended this book to you!

    I don't know why I fell in love with the book in the first place. I think I'll have to go back and read my review for this one! But I just read the sequel, The Elite, the other day.

    I hated America in this one. And pretty much every scene she had with Maxon. It was redundant, and America was just so indecisive and quite annoying.

    Next time, I'll make sure I recommend better books. ;)

    1. It's crazy how many people have told me they hate America in The Elite.

      Don't worry, I still think you're brilliant. :)

  5. I quite like her in The Selection, but hate her in The Elite. I enjoy The Selection, but I want to throw The Elite (few beginning chapters are good, the rest is awful), and throw America. If you hate her in The Selection, I'm sure you would want to kill her in The Elite.

    1. I will definitely not be reading The Elite. :)

  6. Dude, yes. Yes to all of it. I recognize that many people do like this book, so good for them, but I haaaaaated it. In fact, every time I think of it, I hate it a little more. Definitely avoid the sequel at all cost.

    Also, while I can't speak for everyone in the YA stacks, I personally would be tickled to see a guy in the YA section. Something along the lines of "Oh my gosh! A male! Reading!" which I know does happen, but it's like a double rainbow. Just because you know it happens SOMEWHERE doesn't mean you've ever seen it yourself. As long as you don't act like you're starting conversation in order to flirt, you're good.

  7. I read the first chapter and wanted to gouge my eyes out. Probably reading it at the time Cass's agent was dishing it out on the negative reviews was a bad idea...

    I'm also glad the CW show 2.0 flopped and wasn't picked up again. I wanted to do much more to myself than gouging after the first scene - I should probably send you the script for the pilot... Urghhh!