Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Summer I Turned Manly

I read The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han, then I checked to see if I was still a man.

This is the type of book I hand to the cashier with the cover facing down. It's the kind of cover the cashier smiles at if the buyer is a teenage girl. But if you happen to be a grown man, you get fingerprinted.

The cover is neat and clean. Well, except for the tall dude on the right giving the, "I'm watching you out of the corner of my eye" creeper look. And yes, there is ONE girl, and TWO boys on the cover. Ugh.

Ok, this is a story for teenage girls.  And, after reading it, I can confirm that this is a story for teenage girls.

This is the first YA book in a while that tested my manhood.

This is a tough review for me because this book wasn't written for adult men.  I want (so badly) to make fun of it, but I can't. Why? Because I believe most teenage girls will like this story.

The writing style is smooth, but the story itself is a little bland. I found it easy to put the book down and wander around the house aimlessly.  I didn't connect with any of the characters.  In fact, two of the characters (Conrad and Taylor) were super annoying.  I felt like the time spent reading about Belly's brother and the two dads in the story made an already slow pace get even slower.

I wanted to like the main character, Belly, but I just couldn't.  She did the one thing that annoys the hell outta me more than anything: she liked the guy that was the biggest dickhead in the story.  She had other options.  There are TWO boys on the cover.

I'm rating this book on two different scales.  On the manly scale it gets a 0 out of 5 testicles.  On the "I understand this book is for teenage girls" scale it gets a 3.5 out of 5 best friend necklaces.

I equate reading this book to a nice walk around the block.  Nothing exciting or new to see, but hell, anything's better than sitting inside and watching Dance Mom's all day.

I was holding out hope that in the end, Belly would make me like her by doing something I didn't expect.  She let me down.

I give credit to Jenny Han for writing for a specific market and having much success.

This one wasn't for me.  


  1. all i can do is nod my head and smile. :) as always, another enjoyable review.

  2. This was an amazing review that made me laugh. New to your blog and will be back for more reviews in the future :)

  3. I was just thinking, I wonder if he read any Jenny Han? Nah, he'd hate it. And I was right. And you're right! This book was drama, drama, drama, but I lurved it. I wolfed the series down in two days. It was perfect for me when I read it. But I did want to correct one thing since I know you'll not read anymore of the series. Jeremiah is the biggest dickhead. He proves it in later books. Conrad still suffers from I'm-a-man-and-don't-speak-about-feelings syndrome, but he improves as time goes on.
    I must sy I'm pleased by this review even though you didn't like it. I thought it was very fair of you to give it more bff necklaces. Well done!

    1. Yeah, I've been told that I really need to read the whole series to get the full effect. Unfortunately, I just don't have the time. That's interesting, though, about Jeremiah...

  4. Excellent. I love it when you rate things in friendship necklaces and testicles. It's like someone is finally speaking my language.

  5. LOL. I love awkwardness, and this review is awesomely loaded with it! And also, it is a very responsible review. I hope you'll be reviewing my novel one day!

  6. Actually laughed out loud (see how I typed the words out, that means it was legit)! I read this review to my husband he laughed as well. Bravo! Great review!

  7. that was a fair assessment and i would normally play the devil's advocate and say, well, I guess it's not for everyone, but you've already said that. and i cannot really say anything, anyway, because I only read the first book, as well. ~daphne

  8. Laughed out loud at "3.5 out of 5 best friend necklaces". In fact I may still be laughing about that.

    Great review! Handing the book to the cashier upside down = best reason to order from Amazon. :)

  9. I love your rating. I adore this series, but you're definitely right. It's for teenage girls, for sure. However, I find it extremely awesome that you gave it a chance.

  10. You win the award for picking up this book and giving it a chance. Yay!

  11. Wow. You did something I don't have the guts to do. Read this book. And I am a teenage girl.

  12. I freaking Love your blog and am so glad u just found it! Hilarious reviews!

  13. LOLOL! This review made my night! I'm so glad I found your blog! Totally sharing your blog and your Twitter with the boyfriend; maybe he'll get the hint. :P